About Zwanny-Ltd
Cwmbran, Wales

What is Zwanny-Ltd?

  • Based in South Wales and established on 31 July 2013, we are an independent company with many years of experience in oil pollution and power generation.

  • Zwany Ltd will only offer the best product for your application. The majority of our products are made in the EU.


Why use Zwanny-Ltd?

  • Our company will offer competitive prices for all your needs.

  • Can respond to your needs for power generation and oil pollution requirements quickly and effectively.

What can Zwanny-Ltd offer?

  • Zwanny ltd will go that extra mile outside the normal working hours.

  • We offer a competitive price

  • Why wait for a long lead time from one manufacture dealing with a number we can offer a quick lead-time.

  • Zwany ltd is able to offer training and commission on the oil spill equipment for your staff and is able to offer a number of certificates.

  • All the Oil pollution equipment we offer has gone through a QA process at the factory that will offer you piece of mind that the product will meet and comply to your needs.

  • We are able offer a full circle package use an absorbent and we can take care of the used product and offer new replacements.

  • We can offer full waste management package via one of our partners have oil or chemical waste treated and disposed of via our waste licenced partners.

  • engineering installations? we have got the know how and partners to do pipework, ducting or general welding/fabricating