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New range of spill kits the firewater run off spill kits

Zwanny has been involved to supply a factory with a custom build firewater run off spill kit, this is fully custom build to the customer requirements.

Should your company be looking to have a suitable spill kit to contain firewater run off on site, we can help and custom build a spill kit anything from a 120liter spill kit to 1200litre spill kit to be used for this applicaton.

Why not get in contact with us to discuss your companies spill kit requirements.

We look forward to hear from you.

We would like to thank our customers for the business we have done in 2018, and we hope to continue do further business on 2019. We are always there to solve any spill or waste management issues your company might have got.

Training on Lamor boom supplied

Not that long ago we supplied a customer with heavy duty offshore boom, and only recently we where back at the customer and have given training on how to use the Heavy duty offshore boom system.

With the boom reel on near the top deck The LLP35 powerpack we supplied with the boom and reel was working very well in tropical conditions deploying and boom retrieval.

For any boom requirement we can offer the correct product for your application being in tropical conditions or freezing conditions.

Please let us know.

Further custom build spill kits on their way to a UK customer,

We have got a large range of spill kits and bins in our stock and not to forget refill kits from stock.

Why not contact us to discuss spill requirements for your company being marine based or industrial based we got it covered, for the UK and international markets.

Due to the high requirements and demand, we now have got in the range the body fluid spill kits,

  • 100% fluid retention - no dripping, oozing or leakage.
  • Compatibility with body & water based fluids and cleaning chemicals.
  • Advanced super absorbent polymer technology.
  • Fast absorption rates for rapid incident response.
  • Fluid retention up to 800 times the dry weight

Kit Content: 4 x Yellow Gold Chemical Absorbent Pad 4 x Hygiene Plus Absorbent Pads 1 x XR100 Superior Absorbent Powder 5 x Disposable Aprons 5 x Disposable Card Scraper/Scoop 15 x Hygiene Waste Bags (yellow) 2 x 250ml Hygiene Plus Sanitising Solution No.1 1 x Polyethylene Scraper 1 x Polyethylene Scoop 2 x Hygiene Plus Antibacterial Wipes

Please contact Zwanny for further details as these kits are a new stock item.

We have got certificate ISO 2001 2015

We have now got ISO 2001 as we believe that this certification is a further improvement of our company growth and performance in the market and do believe that ISO certification does make us stand out from others.

View Our Certificate

Expansion of the Fleet

We have got another vehicle in our small fleet, this gives us more flexibility and a quicker response to our customers requirements.


Another waste management project

One of our customers, had a tank to clean containing a mix of latex and rubber that they use in the end products that are manufactured at this site. The Zwanny team managed to take out over 6 tonnes of sludge. The challenge that we had was there is only 1 way in via a single manhole cover on the size, and there is a very small top hole( shown on the left) We are getting more into waste management and have got the team and equipment to sort our your companies waste streams. Why not get in contact to discuss.

Grab bag absorbents now in stock

For that small spill upto 10 litres or to have in the van/ small work shop /boat/ n the cab of a forktruck,we have got a large number of grab bag spill kits in stock. All the absorbents are UK manufactured and do contain recycled materials. Why not get in contact with us to discuss these absorbents in our range.

Zwanny Absorbents in use

One of our customers had a spill on the valve of an IBC, with a number of spill stations on site and a number of Zwanny absorbents rolls the spill was contained and cleaned up in a very short time.
We stock Absorbents in Cwmbran why not contact us to discuss your absorbent requirements.

Oil skimmer for use on vacuum truck

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

The Rigid Manta Ray is a special weir suction head designed for oil recovery. The skimmer is suitable for thin oil slicks under relatively calm conditions where small debris is present in e.g. lakes and slow moving rivers.

The Manta Ray is a half-moon shaped flat suction head with several thin suction channels. The skimmer's top surface can be quickly opened while in operation to clear straw or small debris and closed to return to use.

New spill kits

We have got a number of new small spill kits for oil, chemical or general purpose supplied in a vinyl bag all up to 50litre. Ideal to have in a van going on site or for a fork truck cabin we have got them as stock items these spill kits.

Interspill 2018 in London

We will be at Interspill in The Excel in London next month(13-15of March 2018)for 2 days, why not come and visit us at the Lamor stand for a chat and pollution equipment requirements, We hope to see you there.

New range of overspill bins

One of the harbours has got the problem of barrels washing up from in around the port area and ask us to supply the new range of overspill bins we have
got in our range. Why not get in contact with us to discuss over spill bins or other spill /pollution options.

Longer marine absorbent booms

Following a recent meetings in ports and harbours, we now have got in our range longer marine absorbent booms. These we now can offer upto 30m sections and we have got these booms in stock. Why not get in contact with us to discuss larger marine absorbent booms or the standard sizes( 3m 4 in a bag).

Marine absorbents for major UK Council

One of the major councils contacted us for Marine absorbent pads to be used in a number of harbours. With a large range of suitable project that would be the correct product for the application we where able to supply our heavy duty marine absorbent pads. The council was very happy with the quality of the product, price and free delivery for the next day. If you need any marine absorbents we offer a range from our stock why not get in touch to discuss your absorbent application.

Absorbent boom with skirt for Oil terminal

One of The UK based refineries asked us for recommendations what product to use for in and around the jetty that they have got.
The jetty is over 2km long and has got most of the pipelines going over it where all the crude oil comes into the refinery and where a range of finished products is transferred to tankers via pipelines.
With a possible leak from any pipe line they needed a product that could be used for this application and where the sea at high tide can go up to 8m and that can be deployed with speed from a rib if needed.
We have got in the range a new absorbent boom that also has a skirt for that extra performance.
The boom includes strong metal connectors for the boom and Velcro overlap to seal the skirt between the sections.
These sorbent booms are a cost-effective way of recovering oil spill from water. They are the perfect complement to containment booms in larger spills and are ideal for use alone in small and medium size spills.
These booms we offer in 12.5m sections(2 in a pack) 20cm diameter absorbent section with a 25cm skirt each section can absorb 330litres each and can be used in temperatures -30c to 70c.
We have got these in stock and can supply these to you if of interest, why not contact us to discuss this new product with us.Start typing your update here...

Anti static absorbents in the range

We have got a new product range the anti-static absorbent pads and rolls (oil only) as it is an extra safety precoursion that when working around any flammable liquid to us anti-static certified absorbent pads and rolls due to the makeup of pads in a pack that when taking one out of the pack this could create a static discharge. (Socks and pillows are not effected due the product being larger and thicker. These are the best choice for absorbing flammable liquids in a low humidity environments. Anti-Static pads may help reduce sparking hazard while absorbing flammable liquids.
The polypropylene anti-static absorbents resists water but will absorb petroleum derived fluids such as oils,gasoline,kerosene and diesel. These absorbents are made from a layer of melt blown which is sonically bonded together. The sonic bonding points make the absorbent less prone to stray fibers becoming detached. The pads are treated to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge, The anti-Static absorbents attain the BS7506 AND iec1340-2-1 standards and are fully UK tested and certified and UK manufactured. All packaging is also static dissipative to maintain the anti-static properties.

Sizes for the pads are 40x50cm 100 in a pack or can be supplied in a roll 76cm or spilt roll of 38cm
As we now stock these products and are not much more in cost than the non-anti-static if you have got any flammable liquid applications why not contact us to discuss these requirements.

Other use for railmat

One of our customers who are in Wales and refurbish rollers, had a problem with some of the rollers seeping out oil.
We supplied them with maintenance absorbent rolls which work but are on the floor thin and seem to cringle and fold up for this application they have got in one of the parts of the factory.

We suggested to use the rail mat which seems to stay in place and work well with the oil only seepage that they have got with the rollers.
The Railmat is normally used between the tracks to contain any oils or used in maintenance and freight yard areas or other industrial applications where there is a risk of a possible small spills or seepage of oils.
The railmat is a sandwich of 3 layers all bonded together. The top layer is black uv stabilized needle punch and the core is white Oil only cold form.
The bottom layer is a heavy transparent plastic that will prevent oil spills from leaking through to the ground.
We supply this as an oil only product and can supply this in 48cmx30m or 1.45mx30m.
It is a stock item and might be of interest to you company we are happy to send you a quote.

Interceptor cleaning

One of the food manufactures we supply with spill products and who we offer a waste management system to, had an issue with one of the main interceptors. As they were cleaning IBC’s in the yard, some of the run off got into the drain system which was a mix of edible oils, water and cleaning liquid somebody informed the water company who came to inspect and required the area to be cleaned.
With our waste management partners we came to clean the interceptor 1x vacuum tanker with a jet unit on board.
We vacuumed most of the liquid and afterwards jetted the area clean with the vacuum truck cleaning the sludge that was created.
It was a couple of hours work and we did come across a mix of rubbish in this interceptor from plastic bags to bit of wood.
After 3 hours of work the area was back to how it should be and we took 4tonne from the area and inspection later on in the day by Welsh Water approved of the clean up. If any sludge or interceptor cleaning is requited we are here to help and you can always contact us to discuss your waste stream management.

Sea works 2017

Sea works was a good exhibition for us this year, working with Lamor at the exhibition gone well.

We have been able to meet new customers and have received a great number of enquiries to deal with for not only absorbents but skimmers and some of the oil booms we can offer from the Lamor range.

We would like to thank people who came to see us and You might not know but Lamor is the largest oil pollution equipment manufacture in The world with a number of factories in Scandinavia and Spain for boom,tanks, skimmers, pumps and vessels.

With many years of experience and new products being created any oil pollution issue Lamor will have a suitable product to contain and recover hydrocarbons being on water or land.

Not like several other manufactures Lamor have got equipment in stock for a quick turnaround why wait for 6-12 weeks for a section of boom or a skimmer as Lamor can respond in several days like us should this be required.

We did have a small competition to guess how many marbles in a large bottle there were 1146, we had 2 companies very close these being: PLA and the Port of Cork who came very close with the guess and close to the 1146, each won a spill kit.

As a give away we had a great number of stroop wafels with the Zwanny logo on them. We will be looking to take part again next year with another competition and stroop wafels and free cans of drink.

In the meantime if any spill products are required please contact us.

Polyurethane seal working well

One of our food manufacture customers had a problem with palm oils leaking into the drain system on site, and asked our advice and recommendations to have a total seal /spill free area.
We put forward our polyurethane seal which is 7cm in height 3meteres long and not only come with handles but can be connected to each section we now have supplied this product into a number of food manufactures in and around The UK.
Due to the outside application we put forward for them to combine the PU seal with socks and absorbent pads(oil only) to seal and contain any palm oil leaking out of the container that is on site.

With the combination of these products it will be a total seal application for the customer and to prevent palm oil leaking into the drains.
After the products where put into use the Water company came to inspect and have given the company the all clear.
We do give free advice and recommendations to your site,why not get in contact with

Solid foam filled boom

One of the other boom ranges we can offer is the SFBTC. This is a very light weight and cost effective boom solution that Lamor manufactures. This boom can be deployed in a multiple of environments like industrial sites, rivers and ports.

The SFB is manufactured from high visibility pvc and is easy to deploy and recover. The Cylindrical floats inside the boom are made from closed cell foam. The boom has a top tension cable that is enclosed pocket and on the bottom a galvanized 8mm ballast chain.

The tension cable and ballast chain together give the boom strength. The SFB is supplied with Astm connector plates and can also be made with a slide connector system.
The boom comes in 15 or 30m section (pending on the size) from 360mm to 920mm.
Why not contact us to discuss your boom requirements

Taylor made spill kits

With the great flexibility we offer, on spill kits we tailor make the spill kit to meet your requirements, and no minimum order quantity is needed.
For one of our major UK customers this month we supplied 47 spill kits that where made up with a mix of items not only absorbents but also included a range of PPE. This customer has got a mix of spill applications and therefore we offered a chemical spill kit with contents and a maintenance spill kit.
The customer placed the order and if it was not for 1 ppe item that created a small delay of 2 days all items would have been delivered the next day from our warehouse in Southampton.
Please contact us to discuss spill kits or contents that you might require as in some cases you do get a full kit but might not use all the absorbents that are in the kit as we can build to your requirement.


Pump for residue

One of our customers has got a challenge to resolve: residue from leftovers in bottles, this is a nice mix of milk, washing up liquids, soft drinks etc. (they recycle the plastic from the bottles).

As shown above they required a pump to stand on the ground and to pump the area near the ledge as good as dry.

The ideal option would be to have a sump and use a lobe pump on this application, as this is not available we had to come up with other options that could be used for this challenging application.

One of the many type of pumps we can offer is a “puddle” pump for this application the pump is electrically operated 230v and will pump 120l/min and has a 10m head. Pump got a stainless-steel shaft and a urethane volute plate for longer wear and double mechanical seals that are fitted in the lubrication chamber.
For any pump application being large or small or a special why not contact us to discuss the pump that we can offer to suit your application.


Back at Seaworks 2017

Sea works logo 2 years ago, we took the plunge and put up our first stand at the above exhibition, time flies as last year we were one of the many visitors that came to the show instead of having a stand due to time.
This year we are looking to be back and you can find us in The Atlantic hall where we will be doing a joint stand with Lamor Cooperation, as we are The UK agents for Lamor.
You might not know but Lamor is the largest oil pollution equipment manufacture in The world with a number of factories in Scandinavia and Spain for boom,tanks, skimmers, pumps and vessels.
With many years of experience and new products being created any oil pollution issue Lamor will have a suitable product to contain and recover hydrocarbons being on water or land.

Not like several other manufactures Lamor have got equipment in stock for a quick turnaround why wait for 6-12 weeks for a section of boom or a skimmer as Lamor can respond in several days should this be required.

We will be present for the 3 days and why not come and look us up in the Atlantic hall and come for a chat and a cuppa.


Manta Ray skimmers for Middle East

​​​​​​​ a manta ray skimmer in water One of our customers in the Middle East needed a skimmer that would be small and portable and does not require any of its own power would work well with a vacuum truck.

We put forward the Lamor Manta Ray skimmer head which is a special weir suction skimmer that has got a flat skimmer head and is shaped like a half a moon made from metal, the unit has got 2 handles fitted for easy to carry around a site if needed and to connect a rope for skimmer guidance when in operation.
The unit has got a number of thin suction channels for continuous liquid flow when in use.
The Manta Ray is not only a lightweight(11.8kg) but is very easy to use product.

Should there be any debris going into the skimmer the unit can be opened for easy removal of debris(as per picture shown above)
There are a number of other products on the market that have got builders foam in-between the 2 half’s and cannot be opened after use, which might make cleaning of the skimmer an issue and shorten the lifespan of the unit.
The unit is supplied with a Camlock for easy connection to a hose.

The skimmer capacity will be depending on the pump rating but the unit will take up at least 20m3/hr with a good pump or vacuum truck.
The skimmer can also be used in shallow water or slow-moving brooks or rivers.
Your vacuum truck might have hoses on board but to have all tools in reach has your vacuum truck got a Lamor Manta Ray skimmer on board? Why not have a chat with us on prices and delivery times for this excellent product.

We have now got ISO 2001 as we believe that this certification is a further improvement of our company growth and performance in the market and do believe that ISO certification does make us stand out from others.