Zwanny Ltd News & Updates


We have got another vehicle in our small fleet, this gives us more flexibility and a quicker response to our customers requirements.
One of our customers, had a tank to clean containing a mix of latex and rubber that they use in the end products that are manufactured at this site. The Zwanny team managed to take out over 6 tonnes of sludge. The challenge that we had was there is only 1 way in via a single manhole cover on the size, and there is a very small top hole( shown on the left) We are getting more into waste management and have got the team and equipment to sort our your companies waste streams. Why not get in contact to discuss.

For that small spill upto 10 litres or to have in the van/ small work shop /boat/ n the cab of a forktruck,we have got a large number of grab bag spill kits in stock. All the absorbents are UK manufactured and do contain recycled materials. Why not get in contact with us to discuss these absorbents in our range.

One of our customers had a spill on the valve of an IBC, with a number of spill stations on site and a number of Zwanny absorbents rolls the spill was contained and cleaned up in a very short time.
We stock Absorbents in Cwmbran why not contact us to discuss your absorbent requirements.

The Rigid Manta Ray is a special weir suction head designed for oil recovery. The skimmer is suitable for thin oil slicks under relatively calm conditions where small debris is present in e.g. lakes and slow moving rivers.

The Manta Ray is a half-moon shaped flat suction head with several thin suction channels. The skimmer's top surface can be quickly opened while in operation to clear straw or small debris and closed to return to use.
We have got a number of new small spill kits for oil, chemical or general purpose supplied in a vinyl bag all up to 50litre. Ideal to have in a van going on site or for a fork truck cabin we have got them as stock items these spill kits.
We will be at Interspill in The Excel in London next month(13-15of March 2018)for 2 days, why not come and visit us at the Lamor stand for a chat and pollution equipment requirements, We hope to see you there.
One of the harbours has got the problem of barrels washing up from in around the port area and ask us to supply the new range of overspill bins we have
got in our range. Why not get in contact with us to discuss over spill bins or other spill /pollution options.
Following a recent meetings in ports and harbours, we now have got in our range longer marine absorbent booms. These we now can offer upto 30m sections and we have got these booms in stock. Why not get in contact with us to discuss larger marine absorbent booms or the standard sizes( 3m 4 in a bag).
One of the major councils contacted us for Marine absorbent pads to be used in a number of harbours. With a large range of suitable project that would be the correct product for the application we where able to supply our heavy duty marine absorbent pads. The council was very happy with the quality of the product, price and free delivery for the next day. If you need any marine absorbents we offer a range from our stock why not get in touch to discuss your absorbent application.