Absorbents in Wales

We are able to supply a range of absorbents for oil and chemical spills, which we can supply world wide as a box or a complete spill package.
All our absorbents are 100% UK manufactured with at least 60% recycled polypropylene.

Spill Kits

We can supply tailor made spill kits to suit your requirements, being a spill kit for a van or for in and around the factory.

We can offer these from 15litre grab bags kits to 1200litre spill kits being for oil,chemical or maintenance.

Enclosed the grab bag clip top 15liter each standard 15liter grabbag will contain:

  • 15x absorbent pads, 1 absorbent sock, 2x waste bags with ties
  • Same pictures to be used for: 30litre clip top grab bag
  • Containing:25x absorbent pads, 3x socks, 2x waste bags with ties.
  • The vinyl spill kit is 30liters
  • Containing: 25xpads,3x socks,2xwaste bags with ties
  • The vinyl 50 liter spill kits
  • Containing 30xpads,3xsocks,2x pillows, 3x waste bags with ties.
White Absorbent in its bag Black Absorbent in its bag Yellow Absorbent in its bag Oil and Chemical Spill Kit

Absorbent booms with a skirt

Absorbent Boom in its packaging
This boom combines the protection given by a containment boom with the efficiency of a sorbent boom. Includes strong metal connectors for boom and velcro overlap to seal skirt between sections. It will only absorb hydrocarbons and will repell water.
Sorbent booms are a cost effective way of recovering oil spills from water. They are the perfect complement to containment booms in large spills, and are ideal for use alone in small and medium size spills. Might even be reused a number of times.

Absorbent Boom in Use

Liquid absorbtion a 12.5m
section 330litre
Sizes: 12.5kgx20cm with 25cm skirt
Weight a section: 27.5kg 2 sections in a pack

Per package: 660.03

Chemical Pollution Absorbents

Chemical Pollution Absorbent in Packaging Chemical Pollution Absorbent for ground spills Spill Kit Yellow Chemical Pollution Absorbent in Packaging Chemcial Pollution Bin
Large Bin for Chemical Waste Chemical Pollution Spill Kit Tape for Chemical Pollution Areas Chemical Pollution Booms

Oil Pollution Absorbents

Oil Pollution Absorbent
Oil Pollution Absorbent for Oil on the Ground Absorbent for Cleaning Oil Spills Absorbent for Oils spills on the ground
Oil Pollution Absorbent in Packaging Absorbent for Oil Pollution Oil Pollution Absorbents in a Gutter

​​​​​Maintenance Absorbents

Maintenance Absorbent Maintenance Absorbent in Storage Maintenance Absorbent Pillow Maintenance Absorbent Boom Padding for Maintenance Absorbance